Tom Young – Filmmaker

Me with camera

Originally a musician and composer, Tom is an award-winning filmmaker who’s made a series of shorts, music videos, documentaries and commercial films. He studied music at Cambridge and Harvard Universities, before studying film at the London Film Academy and National Film and Television School.

His music video Rinse It Out won Best Technical Achievement at the Preloader Film Festival in 2012, and short film Happiness was shortlisted for the sofa.com international film competition in 2014. He is currently developing a comedy short, Steven and Me, inspired by Steven Spielberg’s E.T., with the support of Godzilla director Gareth Edwards, and his first feature, dark horror film Em.

“Happiness” received the following acclaim from Peter Jackson: “Sharply directed. Imaginative and effective camera angles and good choice of lenses. A clever narrative, snappily edited, which delivers on its premise”.

Tom’s company, Lupercal Productions, specialises in producing stylish promos for singers and other musicians, along with various music venues and organisations, mainly in the London area.

You can follow Tom on Twitter at @tomyoung79


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